About Nelson School

Father of the nation Mahatama Gandhi had his shadow in the persona of one of the greatest world leader NELSON MANDELA, who is fondly and proudly considered to be 2nd Gandhi of the world.

Nelson School stands firmly in recognition of the great contribution by the great leader NELSON MANDELA.

Name of this school is tribute from the management to the great leader and this is how NELSON SCHOOL came into existence.

Highly Qualified Teachers

We understand the importance of a child’s education. Therefore while appointing the teachers and mentors for our school we make sure that the teacher is well qualified with the valid and eligible degree to teach.

Adaptive Teaching

It is that type of educational technique which uses computer algorithms to organize a healthy and positive interaction with the learner and deliver tailored resources to address the unique needs of each learner.

Extracurricular Activities

Studies are a crucial part of a child’s life but for an all-round development it is important to understand every aspect of education. Extracurricular activities are given equal importance in our school.

Live & Interactive

Pacing up with the world, good communication skill is the first and foremost quality your child needs to have to move forward in life. To bridge the gap between a good future and your child, we organize interactive sessions in classrooms to develop oral skills.

School Profile

  • Nelson School
  • Head Office:- 7897378881(Prashant Sheru)
  • Director:- Prashant Sheru
  • School counselors:- Avishkar Kumar.

Our Vision

To emerge as the best school of learning for every child irrespective of social & economic status what so ever.

Mission Statement

Providing with accessibility to quality education to all those students who are hitherto deprived off. We believe every child deserves & needs to be educated.


  1. We ensure congenial atmosphere for learning.
  2. We ensure that children would love to learn.
  3. We ensure Children to be at their respective best all the time
  4. We ensure that Children will have signs of improvement on daily basis.
  5. We ensure excellence at par in your children to make you proud of.
  6. We ensure that learning imparted is aimed at creating leaders in all walks of life.
  7. We ensure that you would find paying fees worth.
  8. We are that technology & tradition run together
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